Bubble Shooter : Play This Best Game Online For Free

Enjoy the one of the most popular casual game bubble shooter. This game has become very popular these days. It is not very hard to play the game. Then also people tend to play and play. This shooter is very addictive and you can’t ignore it once you start playing.

Game’s Graphics and Design

Unlike the other bubble shooter games available online to play that has not good graphics. It has very good and clean game graphics. You can play this game even in the very bigger screen with full clarity. It has very easy and simple user interface.


In the left side, scores are shown. Also, there is the pause button on the left side, so you can pause game anytime when someone disturbs you. It has the very beautiful background. The background is like candy world, just like a dream.

There is a girl on the left side of the game who will watch you every time when you play. She will boost your energy every time you lose the game. She will blink her eyes towards you and look every time. A little puppy is also there to boost you in the game every time.

Easy Methods to Play Bubble Shooter Online Game

As I have told this game is not very hard. This game only very addictive. You will love it once you start playing. It can be played on both mobile and desktop. Here are some simple which you need to use the game.

  • You just need to target the same color candies
  • Then put your mouse in right direction
  • Click right button on the mouse to destroy the candies
  • If you have got red candy on the gun then target bunch of red candies then they will all destroy
  • And after each candy you destroy, you get point for it
  • There are many levels in the game

So there is the main use of mouse only to control the game. Also, it shows targeting line when you target any ball. If you destroy above candies before lower one, then they all fall down. After that those candy gives points when the collapse with candies. Those candies are available on each side of the gun.

Do People Like This Game? See Reviews!

Yes, people like this game so much, this is why is gone viral like fire in the forest. They play this easy for hours. There are many lovers of bubble shooter game.  Most of the reviews are very positive. So most developers are taking interest in because or larger audience.


Anyone can play this amazing game. It suitable for all ages people. Kids and elders everyone can play and enjoy. You can play this game to release work stress and feel better. If you are feeling bored then also you can play to do time pass. This can be great time pass game.


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